About Me

About Me, 2015 Edition

Man, this page needs an update. It’s just been sitting here since 2011, all kinds of outdated. And so, I bring to you, an updated version of me:

Hello! I’m Tracy. I’m currently in the midst of a non-elective career change. Translation: I’m out of work and I can’t seem to find ANY work in my chosen field, so I’m either going to have to do something new…or starve.

How did I get to this point? So many roads.

The short version of the story:

I was a public school teacher. I loved it for a while. And then I didn’t. I was offered an awesome opportunity to remain in education while also leaving the monotony of the classroom, and I took it. For two years I traveled the country teaching teachers. It was fabulous. In spring of 2015, I was ‘fired’ from that role. ‘Fired’ in quotes because I was never actually employed; I was an independent contractor, and my contract was not renewed. I have since been looking for any work in the ed tech field, but sadly most of that is located in cities-where-I-do-not-live (and cannot afford to live–Bay Area, I’m looking at you.)

At the time of this writing, I have been searching for work on an entirely full-time basis for seven months. It sucks.

And here I write about how much it sucks.

Welcome. Thanks for allowing me to share my misery. And my condolences if you are here to commiserate. Unemployment is the second-worst thing I’ve ever done.

Original About Me Page (Circa 2011)

Everyone clicks on the ‘About Me’ page because they want to see what the blogger looks like, right?  So here you go–this is me:

That’s me on the Carou-Seuss-Al in Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando.  Silly, right?  That’s because I am silly.  What I also am–and what I hope is illustrated by this extremely un-professional photo–is a normal person.  I do normal things, have a normal life, and travel to fairly normal locales.  Basically, I’m just like you.

I am not rich, my husband is not an executive–he’s a teacher, too–I’m not super talented, super motivated, or super anything else.  I’m just tired of being unhappy in my career and I’m making a change.  And so can you.

So what’s my story?  Well, I taught middle school for eight years.  After six and a half I decided that I no longer loved it–and you really should love teaching if you’re going to do it well.  So for six months I cried, and then for another year I worked toward taking a year off.  We made a budget and found out how easy it is to do without certain things in order to have the things we really want and need–the main one being ‘a happy me’.  June 20th, 2011 was my last day as a teacher until at least September of 2012.

What will I be doing in this time?  Researching and writing a book I’ve been working on for quite some time now.  Trying to find other ways to make money by writing–or by doing any of the other things I’m good at an enjoy (public speaking, photography, research, planning, organization…the list goes on.)  I will also be traveling as much as possible because, well, I love to travel.  It’s kind of like ‘the year of doing things I love’.

Will I return to teaching in September of 2012?  I don’t know.  I do know that I was very unhappy in my job for far too long.  It became something that defined me–and I didn’t like who I became.  It was time to leave and explore new opportunities.  I hope that by following my journey you will become motivated to make positive changes in your own life–even if those changes are difficult and scary.  Because this has not been easy and it has not been stress-free.  But it has been so much better than the alternative–staying in a job I disliked simply out of fear or complacency.

It’s at this point that I really should include an inspirational quote or two–perhaps that quote by Anais Nin about ‘the risk of staying a bud’ that everyone quotes in times like these.  But you don’t need an inspirational Anais Nin quote.  And neither do I.


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Tracy and nice to meet you. I like your conclusion that the “crisis” is when you don’t do anything about the unhappiness. However, mine was truly a midlife crisis on so many different levels I can’t even count them!

    Good for you. You did something about it before it reached total crisis stage.

    Laura Lee aka the Midlife Crisis Queen!

    • It’s funny–the more I think about it, the more I feel that this might actually BE a crisis. But, again, I caught it early. Who knows what would have happened had I waited 10 more years to make changes. I actually kind of don’t want to think about it!

      Love your blog, by the way.

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