About EMT

What is an Existential Midlife Twitch?  It’s that feeling you get–an involuntary spasm, if you will–when you suddenly find yourself halfway down the road of life and you can’ t for the life of you remember how you got there.  It’s the realization that you’ve been on semi-auto pilot, like when you drive home from the grocery store without thinking, combined with the desire to do more in life.  It is the knowledge that comes at any point in your life that there are so many more options than you imagined way back when you ‘picked’ your life plan, and the confidence to go out and ‘pick’ a new one–and repeat as needed. 

It is not, however, a crisis.

A crisis is what happens when you ignore the twitch. 

I will be sharing the story of how I’m dealing with my twitch, and I encourage you to share your own stories.  Thanks for reading–I hope you will be amused, inspired, and encouraged. 



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