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a0a61a5c3dacb80fff198d3a48c6347aI got an email today. About a job for which I applied maybe three weeks ago. It was a sort-of writing job. I would be providing content for a sort-of ed tech company. I sent them my resume, along with a super-personalized cover letter, as requested. I spent more time on that cover letter than anyone should ever spend on a cover letter. But they wanted ‘something quirky’. They wanted ‘something humorous’. So I wrote a humorous, quirky cover letter. Because I can do that. I’m actually really good at that. (And I’d include the text of said quirky cover letter here, but it is rather detailed and I’m not trying to out this company.)

Yeah. So. I got a response today, via email. From a nameless person (it was signed ‘Team X’, where x = the name of the company.) They want me to do two writing assignments for them, to their specifications. And by ‘to their specifications’ I mean: these assignments are super specific. After I write and send them, they can absolutely sell them. And they never have to contact me again, nor can I contact them. Great business plan, that.

This is not the first time I’ve been asked to do this by a nameless email account at a giant corporation I-will-not-name (though I will name one: Pearson. It pained me to even apply there, but I need to eat. However, I must say: burn in hell, Pearson.) And so, as any wise job-hunter should do, I’ve started to research each job in scary detail.

In my research today, I learned that this company pays around $10.17 per hour for content creation (Pearson pays $10/hr, if you have a master’s degree. $11 if you have a doctorate. Score!)

Upon learning about the $10.17/hr, I got really, really angry.

I deal with anger by watching old reruns of Friends.

Tonight’s rerun was The One With the List, which mostly deals with Ross and Rachel drama. But the sub plot focuses on Monica, who (in this episode) is recently unemployed. And in this episode, Monica goes on a job interview with a corporation selling ‘Mockolate’–a chocolate substitute (I have no idea if I’m spelling that correctly and refuse to Google it.)

Mockolate is a terrible product. Apparently there is fizzing involved. But still, Monica spends hours crafting Mockolate-based recipes to take in to her second round interview…where she learns that the company has been shut down by the department of health. As it well should be. (Why has no one shut down Pearson?)

Like all good/bad Friends reruns, this makes me wonder. Should I just write for the shitty company that will not value my work and/or will steal from me? Should I just go ahead and make $10/hour despite the fact that my last job paid…a lot more than that? (A LOT MORE. I can’t even type how much more.) Because right now, I’m making zero dollars. Is anything better than nothing? Should I try to make lemonade from lemons? Chocolate mousse from Mockolate?

These are all sincere questions. Please answer me, interwebs. Thanks.