Dear Sir or Madam:

So you’re thinking about having a midlife crisis.  Maybe you’ve even taken the first steps toward your goal–you bought a ridiculous, impractical car or had something pierced or tattooed.  It is possible that you, like me, have also considered some sort of career change or break.  If you’re really going all out, you might be surfing the web looking for prospective candidates for a quick affair–though that is far more statistically likely if you are a man than a woman (and I think that mostly women read this blog, so that might not be a consideration for most of you).  But before you commit to this crisis, there are a few things you need to know, all stemming from the same central truth:

Regardless of what you may think right now, regaining your youth is not something you want.  You may think that it is, but that just means that you’ve forgotten what youth is like.  Please allow me to remind you.

I have succeeded in recapturing the ‘old me’.  To be fair, it wasn’t even that difficult–the old me wasn’t buried as far down as I thought she was.  But since I’ve become reacquainted with ‘old me’, I’ve been forced to remember everything she was, including:



-extremely scattered


-wracked with body-image issues


and, finally but not surprisingly…

-utterly, entirely broke

So before you go wishing for years gone by, try to remember–really remember–what those years were like.  It’s easy to look back and think everything was all sunshine and roses.  But I’m betting that there were also rain clouds more often than you recall.  Is your regaining your youth worth enduring the rain?


Tracy Arnold Antonioli