For the past two weeks, I’ve been watching America’s Got Talent.  It actually hurts me to type that for a number of reasons, and not entirely because I hate the awkward grammar of the title.  But leave it to me to find a lesson among jugglers and ventriloquists, Howard Stern and Sharon Osborn.

Last night, as I watched the creepy puppet guy attempt to win his way to Vegas with a stuffed teddy bear on his shoulder, I realized–just because you really want to do something and you really believe in your ability to to it does not mean that anyone else in the world will ever give a shit. How’s that for a motivational mantra?  Pessimistic as it is, it’s clearly true.  Just ask the puppet guy.  He was voted off in less than a minute.

Some dreams suck.  And some dreams will forever remain just that–a dream.  Sure, you can want to be a ballerina with all of your heart, but if you are six five and two hundred and fifty pounds–like the person pictured left– it’s probably not going to happen.  So you should just take off that tutu because really, you look ridiculous.  No amount of positive thinking is ever going to change that.

And so, I put my book away.  I haven’t worked on it in months.  Because suddenly, one cold winter day, I looked down and realized that I was an obese ballerina.  So I put away my pointe shoes and never thought about them again.  Well–almost never.

But there is a silver lining, if you really want to see it.  Sure, maybe your dream–like mine–is never going to come true.  But that’s ok.  Because at least we are not alone in our failure.  And in knowing that, there is some comfort.