I’ve been living my life like any normal person–doing things like going to the dentist, picking up a salad at Wegmans, waiting in line at the dry cleaners.  But lately, every time I’m anywhere I think–now this would be a nice place to work.  Take, for example, the lab I visited today to have my blood drawn.

When I entered the lab, there was no one there.  The front desk was empty, and so I sort of stood around for a while.  Eventually someone noticed me–mainly because I slowly inched back towards where it sounded like there were people chatting and the lovely receptionist lady saw me out of the corner of her eye.  She checked me in and then handed me off to the blood-drawing lady; blood-drawing lady took a vial of blood and I was on my way.  At no point did anyone else enter the facility, and as I left I heard the employees resume their chuckle-filled conversation.

And I thought–I’d like to work here.  It’s so…quiet.

I’ve been thinking that a lot lately.

I realize that many of my still-teacher friends read this.  But I’m going to say it–I don’t want to be a middle school teacher again.  In fact, I’ll not just say it, I’ll put it in italics AND bold.  I realize that I probably have to be a middle school teacher again, as I can’t even seem to secure a nine-dollar-per-hour job with my Master’s degree, eight years of teaching experience, extreme online presence, writing ability, or website design skills.  But I really don’t want to be a middle school teacher again.  Not even a little.

Isn’t there any job out there for a hopefully-ex-teacher that does not involve telling thirty five thirteen-year-olds to be quiet and get back to work every forty-five seconds?  I’m confident that I could learn to draw blood–or, even better, to not sit at a receptionist desk and not welcome people into my blood-drawing facility.  I could definitely do that.