ImageI’ve been on the road.  I’ve been at sea.  I’ve been in the air, in Walt Disney World, at Mayan ruins, and jogging down my own street.  I’ve been job searching and dog sitting and grocery shopping.  

I’ve been busy.  

This may explain the fact that I’ve also been neglecting this blog.  And I’m bummed about it, because I really meant to document my entire year off.  But maybe this lack of documentation does serve a purpose–it shows that even given an entire year to ‘do whatever’, things still move to fill in time.  Life is like a goldfish–it will expand to fit its container. 

And you’ll never get enough sleep to keep up with it all. 

Let’s consider this my ‘Career Break Month 8’ post.  Even though I’m almost at career break month 9.  Really–where does the time go?  

Career break month eight-slash-nine was clearly a pretty full month.  As I’ve said, I took two trips and the time in between them was oddly hectic.  But there’s a lot that I didn’t do in that time.  I didn’t finish my book.  I didn’t find a job, full-time or otherwise.  I didn’t clean my house or improve my running speed or distance.  

There’s one other big thing that I didn’t do–I didn’t plan another trip.  For the first time in months, there’s nothing on my calendar involving a flight confirmation number or hotel reservations.  I don’t know that I even want to plan another trip–though I always say that 48 hours after returning home.  I know many of my friend and family are betting on how long it will take me to start looking at the next place to visit–and I know that I typically return to Kayak and Expedia after about ten days at home (you know, when the butt divot in my office chair starts getting uncomfortable).  But I’m honestly kind of tired of traveling.  So perhaps career break month nine-slash-ten will take place right here in Pennsylvania.  Stay tuned!