Old me--circa 1996.

I had an epiphany the other day.  I’ve been going about this whole life-changing thing all wrong.  For months and months, I was trying to find the old me.  The happy me, the less stressed me, the wannabe-hippie-girl-dancing-in-a-field me.

Can you see where this epiphany is going yet?

The old me wasn’t so great.  Sure, she was happier than I’ve been in recent years, but it’s easy to be happy when you are so f-ing clueless and naive.  Which is for sure what I was.  I also had some very serious self-esteem issues, made some very poor choices, and generally acted like a person in her early 20s.  Because I was a person in her early 20s.

But I’m turning 32 next month, and I don’t need to be that girl anymore.  I don’t want to be that girl anymore.  And more than that, focusing on ‘recapturing the old me’ is preventing me from doing what I should be doing–creating the next, better me.  That’s who I need to be focusing on–the Tracy of 2012, not the Tracy of 2001.

So I’m bidding farewell to the old Tracy.  It isn’t even that difficult to do–hell, I’ve already bid farewell to all of her old clothing (was I ever really a size 3?)  Goodbye old me–I’ll miss you greatly (you and your size 3 pants.)