Desk area with comfy yet ugly new chair

Now that I work from home, I spend the majority of my waking hours in front of one or both of my computers.  Between writing and researching my book, looking for additional work online, beefing up my resume, editing photos from my travels or working on blog posts or guest blog posts, that’s a lot of time spent in the office.

For the first several months of this endeavor, I mainly did this work whilst sitting on a Pier One chair at my Pier One dining room table.  I don’t know if you’ve ever sat on anything made by Pier One, but if not let me be the first to tell you–it is really uncomfortable.  Occasionally I’d venture into the living room to work with my laptop on my lap (thus the name, right?)  This was an even worse idea.  Do you know what doesn’t encourage productivity?  Sitting on a squishy surface with a dog on your feet.

The new giant bookshelf is already full

During this whole period of time, I had a perfectly good–if a bit cluttered–office.  I just didn’t use it because it was in the midst of a remodel.  Today I’m happy to announce that as of about two weeks ago, the new office is complete, functional, and productivity-enhancing.  I’m also happy to announce that, thanks to the hand-me-down furniture I received from a family friend (and the tons of stuff I already owned but repurposed) said renovation cost very near to zero dollars.  Which is good, seeing as all of the work I’m doing in here is…ahem…unpaid.

Charging station and mirror placed opposite window to increase light

My first week in my new office saw a burst of productivity that I hope continues now that the Thanksgiving holiday has passed.  I credit my large work space, my comfy chair, and the fact that, thanks to the charging station my husband created with a few strategically places drill holes, I can now charge everything that needs charging in a convenient and useful way.  My camera is at the ready for any photos I may need–say, of this office for this blog post–and my phone is right by my side.  I cannot tell you how much better my work life is now that I have an organized, spacious, non-cluttered office.

In the interest of full disclosure, I may have to admit to looking up ‘office feng shui’ at one or two points in the remodel process.  While I’m rather limited by the room’s odd shape and the giant furniture, there may or may not be some auspiciously places plants and reflective objects in certain areas of the room–say, between wealth and fame and between friends and creativity.  Because really, I’ll take all the help I can get.