I’ve been a bit freaked out lately by my lack of productivity.  Sure, I am technically making progress on my book–just not nearly as quickly as I thought.  And yes, I’m getting settled into a fitness routine–though a wicked cold has knocked me out this week.  I’m getting my house in a little better order, but it’s far from sparkling.  I’ve been brainstorming ideas for articles and researching places to submit them, but I’ve yet to write or send even one single pitch.  All of the things that I thought would happen during this year are taking much longer than I thought they would.  And do you know what?  That’s absolutely fine.

I left my teaching job not just to write a book, not just to travel, and not just because, well, teaching middle school was starting to wear on me.  I left to become a happier person–‘the old me’ that I spoke of a lot when I first started this blog.  I think I’m starting to find her–and she’s a lot more laid-back than teacher-me.  Thus, she won’t have her book written by November first.  She won’t have five to eight backup plans if the book doesn’t work out.  And she sure as hell won’t have a sparkling clean house.  But she will have more patience with herself and others–and the ability to have fun whenever possible.

Yes.  I think I like old me a lot.

To work at the pace I’d originally planned would have been trading one cage for another.  I’d wake up every day stressed out about getting enough chapters written or pitches sent instead of stressed out about my new grammar unit or that kid in third period who just won’t listen.  Instead, I plan to wake up every day and do whatever I’m inspired to do.  Fortunately for me, that occasionally is ‘work on my book’ or ‘research smallish travel journals’.  But sometimes it is ‘walk the dog’ or ‘read a book’.  Right now it happens to be ‘print out my travel documents’ so that next week it can be ‘explore the historic forts of Bermuda’!