In a post written last Monday, I wrote about a ‘travel opportunity’ that I was thinking about.  This ‘travel opportunity’ was more like ‘a really great deal on a trip I’d really like to take and that could possibly contribute to my educational travel writing quest.’  Alas, it seemed that I thought about the travel opportunity for too long, as when I finally decided to book it, the ‘great deal’ was gone.

But then I checked again (and again…and again…) and today–about fifteen minutes ago–the great deal was back.  The deal was so great, in fact, that many people on one particular travel-related message board seem to think it was a fluke in the system the first time I found it.  But no–there it was again today, just sitting there, being a really small number for what should be a moderately expensive trip.   How inexpensive is it?  I’m paying for it with the security deposit refund from my last trip.

And so, in keeping with my year-off goal of travel-whenever-financially-possible-and/or-reasonable…I’m going to Bermuda!  In nine days!  On a cruise ship!  By myself!


Am I a bit freaked out?  Yes.  But would I kick myself in the butt for not doing this?  Absolutely!  The point of taking this year off was to write my book, explore my other career options, and travel as much as is responsible (for a woman with a husband and a home).  Well, I’m writing my book.  I’m exploring my career options.  And I can do all of those things from the deck of the Norwegian Gem from October 16th through the 23rd.

Though my ‘Career Break Month Four’ post may be a few days late–I post them every 21st of the month, and on that date this month I’ll still be in Bermuda!