My home office, right now. Yuck!

My college apartment was a sort-of-studio, with one big room for the living room and bedroom and one more for the kitchen and tiny dining area.  I remember the weekend I decided to set up the dining area as an office–after all, college me barely ate to begin with.  She certainly didn’t eat at a dining room table.

I also remember how much more productive I became after I’d cleared the space and set it up to be as convenient and welcoming as possible.  Thus, my current project: empty and reorganize my home office.  To be fair, this was inspired by the fact that a friend of my father’s just gave me a very nice set of office furniture that I’d like to move out of the garage.  So I’m not doing this only to avoid doing other work.  Promise.

In cleaning out this current office, I found:

-A photo album that was made for me by a family friend, containing photos of my childhood, my high school graduation, and two pets that are now deceased.

-A barely started novel my husband wrote, complete with dedication to me on the cover.

-A pile of pregnancy and parenting books from three years ago when we thought we’d someday have a family.

-Literally dozens of health-conscious cookbooks–covered in a thick layer of dust!

While you have to admit that all of that is pretty depressing, I think it is clear that it was time for an office purge.  How on earth could I expect to be productive in a room filled with broken dreams and unfinished projects?  I’m making room in here–right now–for the future.

Now I just need a really big garbage bag.

Please Note:  The photo above shows my office as it is right now–mid clean out.  I am not some sort of freakish hoarder that lives surrounded by piles of crap.  The piles are for reorganization and moving purposes only.  Thanks for understanding!