Did you ever wish you could keep a record of everything you’ve ever done, thought, or planned so that you could look back on it in the months and years to come?  Well, perhaps you should start a blog…because I’ve found blogging to be a great way to do just that!

You see, I’m currently trying to make a decision about a possible travel opportunity that I’ve discovered.  In my hemming and hawing about whether to grab this opportunity–or let it pass by–I recalled a post I wrote last spring about this very topic.  I called it ‘My Travel Cost Guidelines’, and it existed to help me make a decision in the future.

Well, the future is now!

Taking a look at that list, I have to ask myself–does this new travel plan fit the following criteria:

-Is it a ‘reasonable’ trip?  (Gee me of last April–you could have been a bit more specific!)

-Is it somewhere I’m willing to go by myself?

-Can it be considered a ‘family-friendly’ destination?

-Does it take me to one of the destinations I listed as ‘placed I’d like to visit’?

The answers to those questions in order are:  I don’t know, I think so, Yes, and Sort-of.  While that’s obviously not a clear answer, it does seem like the outlook is good that it may be a good idea.

In addition to writing this blog (and my other travel blog), I also did a few guest posts for some other (fancier, more well-publicized) blogs a few months ago.  In those guest posts I wrote about my plans to ‘take a year off and travel’.  I am very glad that these posts still exist out there on the interwebs, taunting me, encouraging me to grab any reasonably priced travel opportunity I can find.  Because that is what this year is all about–right?  Right. 

Yet still I’m torn.  Why?  I have no idea (though I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with me not being independently wealthy!)  I hope that in writing this post I will be able to look back upon it in a few months and think ‘I’m glad I made that decision about that trip’.  Now…to make the decision!