I got winded just looking up at this!

I know that I said I’d avoid making a too long ‘to-do’ list for this year, but the one thing that I really need to do is get in better shape.  Yes, this is something that’s on most people’s list.  But the reason ‘most people’ cite for not being able to do it is, of course, time.

Right now I have a lot of time.

I also have what I feel are newer, better reasons to get in shape.  You’ll first note that I did not say ‘lose weight’–though I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and thus really should list that as an important goal.  But while I’m not thrilled with being a size 14, I’m even less thrilled with how I felt after many of our hikes this summer–or after a day of walking around Walt Disney World–or after climbing the 219 steps to the top of the St. Augustine lighthouse.  I need to get in better shape so that I can do more.  Period.

And so, as I spend the next couple of months writing my book and trying to find some sort of part-time or freelance job, I will also be attempting to…run.  Which is funny, because running is something that I’ve never been able to do–ever.  Not even in high school–which was over fifty pounds ago (and I thought I was fat then!)  I truly believe that this fitness goal will be more difficult than the book writing goal or the job finding goal.  Which is scary, because those are all things that are going to be quite challenging.

But, again, that’s why I’ve given myself this year.  So this morning I did my first day of a Couch-to-5K Week #1 run.  It only took a half hour and I only felt like I might die once.  First steps are the hardest, right?

I also went grocery shopping–because there was absolutely nothing left in the house after my husband’s brief foray into bachelorhood–and got lots of yummy, healthy things.  Actually, I think I got every single yummy, healthy thing at the grocery store, as I stupidly went shopping while hungry.  I have edamame, I have beets, I have salmon.  I have greens, I have greens, and I have more greens.  I have more low fat greek yogurt than anyone should possess at one time, and lots of fruit to go with it.  I also have healthy convenience foods for times when I’m hungry RIGHT NOW–things like almonds and 100 calorie packs of crackers and that laughing cow cheese that’s in every woman’s lifestyle magazine diet plan.

It’s kind of like it is January first in my world–on September 26th.