Long before my last day of work, I had an actual outline and plan for my new career.  And by ‘actual outline and plan’, I mean a fifty-some page book proposal for the book I planned to write.  Right now, I sit in a condo I rented to live in whilst I researched that book.  I’m typing on a cheap laptop I bought for to compose said book.  I’m sporting a bit of a sunburn that I earned by walking around in the sun and jotting down notes in my little green tablet.

And I am working on the book.  It’s just that the book will look nothing like the plan I made for myself last spring.  And I simply must be ok with that.

I’m glad that I’m open to the idea of changing my entire plan–even though it means throwing out months worth of work, thought, and energy (and more than a few tears.)  The plan needs to be changed.  And I’m sure–almost one hundred percent sure–that the plan will change again and again.  The product I’m working on right now may not resemble what I started out with–but it also may night resemble what I end up with.  I need to practice being ok with that–so I guess now is as good of a time as any to start that ‘ok-ness’.