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In just over 24 hours I will be boarding yet another plane bound for Orlando.  It’s a short flight–it’s only a little longer than the bus ride to NYC from here.  It’s not really a big deal–aside from the fact that it marks the beginning of the trip that may or may not result in my new career path.

People think that it is silly that I’m so nervous–and stressed–about doing something as fun as spending three weeks in Walt Disney World. I understand where these people are coming from.  Complaining about going to Disney World is like complaining that ‘I just don’t know where to store all of my cash’ or ‘boy, it sure sucks to be so thin and beautiful!’   I’m not stressed out about going to Disney–I’m stressed out at the enormity of what I’m trying to do.  And I’m afraid I’m going to fail.

However, I know that the best way to fail is to think that you’re going to fail.  I also know that I can make the choice to be calm, and that calmness is what I need to be successful.  So I’ve decided that today I’m only going to think about the good things–the things I’m looking forward to.  And those things are..

  • Taking my mom back to Disney, as it is now her ‘happy place’.  And if anyone deserves to be happy, it is my mom.
  • Spending three days in Walt Disney World with my mostly-virtual friend Melissa Sue.  I’m excited for her to become more real than virtual and to have a few ‘girls’ night out’ days in Disney–even while I’m working.
  • Living in a condo.  I like staying in new places, and a condo in Orlando is very different from a ranch house in Macungie.  Plus I’ll have a master bathroom and a balcony–fancy!
  • Spending lots of time in the happiest place on earth.  I really love Disney World and there are a number of things I haven’t been able to do or see there–even though this is my fourth trip in under a year!  I’m definitely going to be doing and seeing it all on this trip, which will be both exhausting and exciting–with a significant tilt towards exciting!
  • Exploring the area around Orlando.  I’d really like to take a day ‘off’ from work to drive up and visit St. Augustine.
  • Focusing on work that I like–no, love–to do for three whole weeks.
That last one is the big one.  I mean come on–how can I be nervous or stressed when I think about it that way?  I get to do exactly what I want to do for a living–though again, the jury is still out on the whole ‘will I be able to make a living at this’ thing.  But for now I can’t control that–so I get to commit to this, embrace it, and celebrate it.
Have I talked myself out of being afraid yet?  Not quite–but I’m getting there.  I’m sure by Sunday I’ll be all settled in and super-enthusiastic.  Or I’ll be sunburned and overwhelmed.  I’ll let you know!