I almost didn’t post this today, as I didn’t realize it was the 21st of the month…again!  Where does the time go?  Well, I know where the last month went–it went on the road.  We’ve been home from our epic road trip for just under 48 hours, and I’m semi-overwhelmed.  But in a totally good way.

As I enter month three of my career break (pardon my language here) shit really starts to get real.  Why?  Because Labor Day is approaching.  Yes, Labor Day, the holiday that was once my least favorite day of the year, as it always preceded my second least favorite day of the year–the first day of school.  All of my friends are cringing at Back to School commercials, sharpening their pencils and breaking open the new grade books.  And…I’m…not.


Like I said–shit is really starting to get real.  I’m also leaving for Orlando in 18 short days to do the research that will hopefully become my book.  Or a website.  Or an iPhone app.  Something that will equal ‘what I do for a living’–even if that living is rather meager.  But more on that trip later.  I’ve barely recovered from the last trip!

So–how was The Trip?  It was fantastic.  Amazing.  Best trip ever.  Seriously.  I am so glad I didn’t freak out and cancel it all at the last minute.  We can’t even pick a favorite part, it was that great.  My husband continues to cite Cape Breton as his favorite part.  My favorite part was definitely an eight-way tie between all of the places we visited.  Ogunquit was a great start to the trip, our trip to Monhegan Island from Boothbay Harbor was the first ‘wow’ experience, Bar Harbor was the perfect mix of drinking and hiking.  And then we got to Canada.  Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, and, surprisingly, Fundy National Park, were all beautiful enough to deserve the hundreds of photos I took.  It rained the whole time we were in Halifax–luckily, my husband found some breweries to keep us dry.  The last stop of our trip–two nights in Portland on our way back through Maine–turned into three nights because we loved it there so much.  Imagine–me, loving a city.

Of course, the important question is–what did I learn?  In classic bulleted list format, here you go…

Career Break Month Two–On the Road: What I Learned

  • How to be comfortable pretty much anywhere.
  • That I’m in terrible shape.
  • That I want to get in better shape–not to look pretty, but so I can do things in life.  Like bike in Acadia–without huffing and puffing and blacking out!
  • When given the choice, I will typically opt to eat vegetarian.
  • It is sometimes ok to steal condiments from restaurants like an old, hat-and-pearl-wearing lady.
  • I enjoy making meals out of very few ingredients in a very tiny kitchen.
  • I really love my husband, and he must really love me, too.
  • It is easier to drive long distances if you are not stressed about it.
  • The ability to choose to not be stressed, even when I start out that way.
  • That underplanning a trip is a good idea.  Perhaps underplanning life isn’t as scary, either?
  • How to take photos of clouds, sunsets, and waterfalls.
  • That I need a job that allows me to take trips like that at least yearly, or multiple short trips per year.
  • That you don’t need to spend any money at all to have a wonderful time.
  • That I am very, very blessed.

I’m sure there are a great many other things that I learned, too.  But fear not–I have forty-five typed pages of notes on our trip, and almost three thousand photos.  More revelations to come!