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Whilst on this trip, I’ve been sharing meals with my husband to save money. Today he insisted we order two of the same happy hour special–a two-burger platter for $7. It is pictured below. (And, for the record, I originally planned to share one platter–he insisted I order my own. He now has two leftover burgers, and many of my fries died in vain.)

It. Was. So. Gross.

I’ve noticed that whenever we decide to order separate meals, I don’t even consider anything with beef, pork, or chicken. I’ll order seafood, but lately more than anything I order fully vegetarian entrees. I had a stunning eggplant-based shepherd’s pie in Bar Harbor, and just now went to the Vietnamese/Korean takeout place for a veggie sandwich to take with me on tomorrow’s excursion. I didn’t even look at the meat portion of the menu.

And so it is becoming very clear to me that I hate meat. Huh. Good to know. I guess that’s the one part of ‘the old me’ that I’m actually getting back.

Vegetarian Tracy was thinner and calmer–so at the very least, it can’t hurt. I don’t know how it will work once we return home and I have to cook for both of us, but for now I’ll take a tofu and kimchi sandwich over this any day…