The old (young) me, after spending the night in a tent!

As I’ve already mentioned several times, month two of my career break will be spent on the road with my husband.  What does this mean for you, dear readers?  Well, it means that you won’t be hearing from me that often.  But fear not!  I’m taking my netbook with me and I will be writing every day–just not posting.  So it also means that you’ll be swimming in road-trip-induced midlife-twitchy epiphanies upon my return.

I’ve also set this site up so that I can post via iPhone, but I don’t promise daily posts.  For most of of the trip I’ll be on a international-plan limited-data connectivity-diet (that means ‘I can’t post because I won’t have my usual unlimited data plan!’)  I do promise at least two posts from the road–but that’s a huge change from my almost-daily posting habit.  I may just go through withdrawal.  Do they make a patch for this sort of thing?

I will be posting at least twice per week on my traditional travel blog, Blog on the Run.  So if you really miss me or wonder how our trip is going, you can find me there.

What this trip means for me is that I get to spend twenty seven days practicing being that relaxed, happy, laid back person that I used to be–and that I intended to get back by taking this career break.  I think the connectivity-diet will actually help.  After all, the old me didn’t even have a cell phone, so she certainly didn’t have a constant internet connection. Hell, the old me didn’t even know the word ‘google’, and she most certainly would not have used it as a verb.

Here’s hoping that this trip helps me find her.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck!