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I just found out–as in just now this very minute–that a friend will be accompanying me on part of the research trip for my book.  Thinking about this makes me happy.  What makes me even happier is my new realization:

There are lots of great things happening in my life in the next few months.

I need to write that on my arm and look at it every time I have doubts or fears.  Because really, this is how it breaks down–in three days I’m going on a month-long road trip with my husband.  While I am on said road trip, I can be writing and taking photos to my hearts content, spending time with my husband, or doing nothing at all.  I get a whole month to do whatever I want whilst seeing new (to me) and exciting (to me) places.  And then, after a brief break at home–where I get to enjoy the bathroom that’s being completely renovated while we’re gone–I’m going to Disney World for almost an entire month.  For part of that month my mother will be joining me, and for part of that month aforementioned friend will be joining me.  For the rest of that month I’ll be alone, but I’ll be working on my research in the happiest stinking place on earth!  How great is that?  Why was I freaking out again?

And I know that even though I’m not sure what’s coming after that, I can pretty confidently say that there will be something.  Because I know me–with me there’s always a next big thing.  For now I can wait to see what that thing will be and simply enjoy right now.  This is the zen approach to life I was looking for.  I hope I can manage to keep it around for a while!