I’m about to enter month two of my ‘career break’.  That’s in quotes because really, I’ve not officially started my career break yet.  You see, any other year this would still be called summer vacation.  All of my coworker friends are at the beach or the pool or learning to run marathons,  and all are generally having a good time.  Everyone is on vacation.  Even my Twitter feed is dwindling because everyone is at the beach, and no one checks Twitter from the beach.  They check it during work hours.

But I’m not on vacation.  Why?  Because of my career break, and my obsession with making every second count.  But do you know what?  The easiest way to ruin my entire year is to attempt to do just that.  Thus, I bring to you yet another list, this time entitled…

Your Career Break:  What Not to Do

  • Imbue extreme significance on every single moment.
  • Lament every single moment you spend not doing something significant.
  • Attempt to learn a new skill–one that people go to school for years to learn–in three weeks.
  • Lament the fact that you could not learn every nuance of afore mentioned new skill before a pre-determined deadline.
  • Plan to learn said new skill so that your ‘vacation’ can have a purpose–other than the one you already planned, that is.
  • Plan a vacation ‘with a purpose’.
  • Yell at your husband that ‘every moment of your upcoming vacation must be productive in some way’.
  • Refuse to take any time off, even to sit in a comfortable chair for a bit because your butt hurts from your office chair.
  • Make multiple checklists of things that must be done now.  Label said checklists ‘Things That Must Be Done Now!’

And so, I’m leaving on my trip with my husband this weekend.  I will learn a great many things, I’m sure–more on that to come.  But I’m also not going to freak out about my ability to photograph and write about every single thing I do.  Because sometimes, you need an actual career break.  No quotes required.