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The bus comes early.  For some reason my parents–who I lived with–called and had it arrive a half hour ahead of schedule.  I look at the clock and run out the door.  I don’t question the fact that I’m taking the bus or living with my parents, even though I’m a teacher and I’m 31 years old.  On the bus, I struggle to get my hair to stay up and in place.  I need hairspray.

Upon arrival to work, I discover that there’s some sort of assembly.  Due to some hole in the time-space continuum, this means that class starts earlier rather than later–leaving me no time to use the restroom, figure out what I’m teaching, or find that damn hairspray! 

I arrive in my classroom and the students are already there.  I don’t recognize any of them and they are all yelling and throwing things.  None of the other teachers in the room seem to think this is odd; they do not respond favorably to my laments of ‘but they shouldn’t BE here now and who ARE these kids anyway?!?’  The fact that there are other teachers in the room isn’t good either–it means that there will be other grown ups around to watch me fail to teach grammar to the sweaty mass of humanity squeezed into the too-small room.

I suddenly realize that I left my bag at home–after all, I was running for the bus–and my bag contains everything I need for the day, plus my keys that I need to get home that evening.  Suddenly, someone jumps into my bed…

…and I wake up.

Thus ends the first teacher-dream of my non-teacher life.  I’ve had countless dreams like this over the last eight years.  If my husband is any indication, teachers have dreams like this all the time.  We’re late, we’re unprepared, the kids won’t be quiet and people are watching us.  It’s quite formulaic for a dream, now that I think about it.  But that doesn’t keep it from reoccurring.

I cannot express in words my relief and elation upon waking to realize that not only was it ‘just a dream’, but that’s what it shall remain, forever and ever amen.  I can’t wait to find out what kinds of nightmares I’ll have about my next career–whatever that may be.  Actually, on second thought–I can wait.