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I’ve been playing around with Picasa and I really like it.  I think this photography hobby just may become an actual hobby–not a passing fancy.  While most of my older photos are complete crap, mainly taken with my iPhone, I’ve been having fun messing with them in Picasa.  I can only imagine the kind of damage I could do if I ever got Photoshop.  Man, do I want to learn Photoshop!  Though I do have a bit of an obsession with oversaturation…


The road from Middlebury to the house I was living in for the Breadloaf Writer’s Conference back in 2009

The purpose of this year–well, part of the purpose–was for me to have time to explore things that I really like.  And I really like taking pictures–though I am a bit overwhelmed by the process of learning how.  I also really like messing with old pictures in this manner…I can only imagine that fun I’ll have messing with new pictures that I’ve yet to take…that is, after I get over my fear of learning how!

But then learning shouldn’t really be scary, should it?