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Drat.  I thought I had a great way to put all of my iPhoto photos (all 10,652 of them) online so that I can access them when I’m traveling.  As you can see on this blog–and my other blogs–I use photos a lot to illustrate a point.  For example, if I was, say, writing a post about my anniversary (which is today) I would choose to add this photo…

…because, well, it is the only photo of myself and my husband on our wedding day that I have on my computer (it’s only our fifth anniversary, but our photographer was old school and so we don’t have digital copies of anything).  But see how that photo is much LARGER than the one at the top of this post?  That’s because I’m uploading it from my computer.  After farting around for a while I finally figured out how to post on here from Picasa, but for some reason I only get a tiny little photo.  And if I try to make it larger, I get this…

…which is clearly NOT very clear!  What the heck?

I know that I made this whole goal for my year off to ‘learn something new every day’.  And I still think that’s a good goal.  But I guess I just thought I was better at learning new things than I really am.  Here’s hoping my next post will feature a photo that I successfully uploaded and posted…and that it is of normal size and quality.

Ooooh…and if I could do it from my netbook–because that’s the point of all of this really–that would be even better.  Stay tuned!