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Today went well.  Sort of.  I managed to upload all of my relevant iPhoto albums to Picasa and then to Picasa web.  I figured out how to link photos directly to wordpress posts.  I even managed to post one from my netbook–which is what I’m doing now.  The above photo was taken almost a year ago–in Amsterdam, on my iPhone.  It was uploaded to iPhoto, uploaded to Picasa Web, and then edited and posted here using my crappy little netbook.

But why did I take an entire day to do these things?  To save money of course!  You see, I really (really) feel like I need a Macbook.  Or at least something other than this tiny little netbook.  I have a mac desktop, but obviously that’s not going to be coming with me on my various trips.  So I needed a way to easily do word processing, photo uploading and a bit of photo editing from my netbook.  Which I can now do.  However…

  • It took me nine and a half minutes to go from netbook off to able to surf the web.
  • It took me an additional ten minutes to fiddle with the above photo in Picasa and upload it here.

Do I want to spend twenty plus minutes just to get to the point of being able to post, upload, or research something?  The answer, unfortunately, is yes.  Which brings me to Career Break Universal Truth #1

You are going to end up spending more time than money, simply because you are going to HAVE more time than money. 

What that means to me today is that it has to be ok that I’m typing this–and writing my whole book–on an eight inch keyboard.  It has to be ok that it take twice–or three times–as long to do everything.  I cannot get frustrated with it.  Because no matter what, it is better than what I was doing before. 

If I think of any more Career Break Universal Truths–and trust me, I will–I’ll be sure to share them with you.  Stay tuned!