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On Monday evening when my husband came home from work he was convinced that there was something wrong with me.  After asking subtly several different ways he came right out and asked “are you ok?  you seem…”

I finished his sentence–“…calm?”

That’s why he thought I wasn’t ok.  Because I was actually calm and relaxed.  Imagine that!  I’m hoping my new calmer, non-teacher self will continue, and that this will result in other healthy habits.  Like today, for example, I took my dog for a walk for the first time in weeks.  And I had this for lunch…

Tabouleh (with parsley from our garden), salmon, and a fat-free cucumber dill sauce (dill also from our garden). 

Doesn’t that look healthier than most lunches?  To be fair, it was leftover from dinner the other night…but that’s another good point, too.  I had time to prepare that for dinner.  I noticed that as my stress level rose my eating habits took a nose dive–and the number on the scale skyrocketed.  Once upon a time we used to eat like this every night.  But add a hectic lifestyle and general career unhappiness and you end up with a lot of nights spent eating spaghetti and days eating leftover spaghetti!

Though if I don’t figure out how to make some money doing things that I enjoy sometime in the next fourteen months, I suppose we’ll be eating a lot more pasta and a lot less salmon!