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My husband, in all of his toursit finery!

I went to Kohl’s with my husband today to shop for him.  His tourist wardrobe from last summer’s Europe trip just wasn’t going to cut it for his teaching job that starts tomorrow.  The man needed some new pants (and shoes that are not mandals!)  So with him I went.  And suddenly, in the middle of Kohl’s, I had a revelation.

I’ve finally achieved the level of calm I was hoping for.

I didn’t stand there and curse the people in front of us in line.  I didn’t encourage him to just pick out three of the same shirt in different colors so we could be on our way.  I waited patiently outside the fitting room and even managed to smile at people passing by.  Why?  Because I wasn’t standing there freaking out about time.

Time.  That elusive thing that I could never find enough of.  Well–I’ve found it.  And I feel much better.  After all–why shouldn’t I enjoy a day of errands with my husband?

Here’s hoping this attitude continues.