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Seeing as I abandoned the ‘post every single day what I did and what I learned’ list, I need a new set of blog rules.  I thought and thought, and here’s what I came up with:  there are no rules.

How simple is that?

That’s the best part about having a blog–you make your own rules..  And that’s the best part about taking a year off–you also make your own rules.  Though I don’t really have rules for my year off either, aside from ‘do things I like to do whilst trying to find a way to make money from them’, which is a pretty practical–if awkwardly worded–guideline.

Having no rules, at least in this case at least, is a good thing.  If I get too bogged down by rules (or planning), I’ll quickly find that my year off becomes just as regimented as was my previous job.  Before I know it I’ll find myself peeing at 10:12 every day and anticipating dismissal bells at 2:25, 2:33 and 2:38.

And, well, that would really suck!