Welcome to post number one in the 424 part  ‘What I Did and What I Learned’ series.  I promised to post every single day with this information, and there was no way I was going to slack off on the very first day.  I also promised to post a photo of myself once a month, starting with today and there was no way that I was going to go back on that promise either.  Even though I currently look like this…

Month Zero: The first day of my career break.

Please note:  The above photo is more than an example of a bad hair day.  It is an example of not doing my hair all day, then pulling it up to go out for dinner, then taking it down before realizing I had to take a photo and post it online.  If anything, it proves my commitment to this photo project!

So–what did I do and what did I learn?  Well, I decided to take today as a ‘do nothing’ day.  I spent the last 48 hours kind of freaking out about the whole job-leaving thing, and my husband convinced me to take at least one day ‘just to relax’.  Today was that day.  That being said, I bring you my very first…

What I Did….

  • Updated my LinkedIn Profile
  • Wrote a blog post
  • Watched yesterday’s episode of Secret Life
  • Watched a rerun of Little House on the Prairie
  • Made Lunch
  • Went to the antique store to look for a mirror for our bathroom remodel
  • Went to the paint store for paint swatches for said bathroom remodel
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Had dinner with friends
  • Wrote another blog post
  • Wrote another blog post (this one)

….and What I Learned

  • There are WAY too many shades of gray paint
  • I am not very good at ‘doing nothing’