Yesterday was my relaxation day, which means that today I actually need to do something productive.  But where to begin?  When faced with a huge expanse of time coupled with an enormous list of things to do, it is very easy to get sidetracked or overwhelmed.  So I decided to consult my friend the hierarchy. That is, Maslow’s hierarchy.

Cheesy, I know, and a bit too Ed-Psych-101, but I swear it is a good guideline to use when figuring out what to do first.  It is also a good way to determine how far you have to go.  As you can see, I’m starting out pretty low, as ’employment’ is only on the second rung. But therein lies the problem–that’s my whole goal.  But how do I get there?

I fear that I need a new hierarchy.  Any suggestions?

For now, I’m going to take Mr. Maslow’s advice and take care of one of my more basic physiological needs–I’m going to the grocery store!  After all, I can’t conquer the world with what is in my refrigerator (a carton of milk, some old broccoli, and way too many condiments) and I’ve officially resorted to pillaging my travel bag for toothpaste.